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*ALMA Award winner

*NYIIFVF winner

*IMAGEN Award nominee

Eliana Alexander

    Multi-award-winning actor (ALMA, Imagen & NYIIFVF), choreographer (Imagen) and novelist Eliana Alexander has been immersed in the entertainment world for over 30 years in front of and behind the camera. Eliana earned an Imagen Award nomination for Best Actress in TV for her role in “Sin Verguenza” and was part of the ALMA Award-winning ensemble in “Foto Novelas,” the Imagen Award-winning series “Sin Verguenza” as well as the ALMA Award-nominated ensembles “The Elian Gonzales Story” and “My Father’s Love.” Ms. Alexander won the NYIIFVF best actress award for “Agenda.” She received rave reviews as Rita Thomas on Fox TV’s “Desire” as well as her role as Marisol Contreras in Epix/MGM’s “Perpetual Grace, LTD” opposite Sir Ben Kingsley and Luis Guzman. She recently played a lead role in “Fading Shadows” and played James Lafferty’s wise-cracking mom in “Everyone is Doing Great” on Hulu. Eliana performed all of her own stunts and fight scenes.

    Eliana wrote, produced and directed the television pilot series “Next Page” as well as wrote, produced and starred in the pilot series “Hold The Line.” 

    Eliana is a world-renowned dancer, choreographer and one of the founding members of EDGE Performing Arts Center, LA Dance Force and the founding member of Kids Dance LA. With Eliana at the helm, all three entities became world-renowned for training top-notch dancers and choreographers who choreographed for and danced with entertainers such as Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Shakira, Madonna and Janet Jackson to name only a few. She choreographed the Imagen Award-winning musical “Paquito’s Christmas” that performed at the Lincoln Center in Washington, D.C. 

    Ms. Alexander is honored to have directed and choreographed numerous theater productions, countless award-winning dance competitions, dance videos and theater pieces. Eliana was the featured recording artist on the soundtrack for the musical “DAWGS” composed by Richard and Robert Sherman of Disney fame. Her diverse talents enable her to enrich every project of which she is a part. 

    Eliana is a consummate entertainer and continues to immerse herself in writing and creating for television, film and novels. Her first novel, “The Neighbor” received excellent reviews and her second novel “TILT: Magic Eights” will be released this summer 2019. 

    Eliana is a strong advocate for Sea Shepherd and PETA. She is grateful and blessed to continue this magical journey.

Member of two Tae Kwon Do demonstration teams at 11; earned Black Belt at 13. His aspirations to be a Navy SEAL halted after a severe motorcycle accident disqualified him from enlisting. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a double major in Russian and Communication and was a member of the Communication Department's Honor Society. John fell in love instantly with Eliana Alexanderwhen they met in Hap Ki Do class. John and Eliana worked together on the feature Agenda (2007) and he was the stunt double for John Bennett Perry and Robert Rusler. John and Eliana are now producing and starring in an untitled television series which was created and written by Eliana. They are playing opposite each other and John choreographs all the fights.

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